8 Months of Being A Game Developer

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·May 5, 2022·

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8 Months of Being A Game Developer

How it all started?

I dove into the world of software engineering the day I picked an ebook and videos on C++ but that was all to it. I didn’t really have any motive to use it for anything. Until I enrolled in an ICT academy to learn Game Development. Now that’s where things got interesting.

After three months of learning and being introduced t Unity Game Engine. Learning was pretty much easy but I’ve had moments where I was ‘stuck’ literarily. I didn’t. spend much time in grasping C# programming, I must say learning C++ did a number on me. I made fast progress. When I was stuck, then there were Youtube Channels dedicated to Teaching game development with Unity, the most popular and helpful of them all are Brackeys and AwesomeTuts, it’s beginner friendly and quite helpful to experienced developers. Who knows, what you might need to escape that hole could be in one of these channels. I strongly recommend them to whoever has interest in learning how to make games.

Most projects I’ve worked on in the course of learning how to make games were never completed but I assure you, it was worth the time spent . They helped build confidence and experience. I guess that’s what all game developers have in common.

My First Game

After leaving the academy, 4 months later, I started working on my first ever released android game, Beam. Here’s a link. Well, it wasn’t much considering the experience I had and the time it took me in developing it in due time. Beam is a hypercasual game. I assure you it can be pretty much fun and addictive. But I’ll do more touch ups on it before I have it out. on playstore.

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So Far So Good…

So, by what I’ve learnt so far in the course of making games — building games can be so fun, thrilling, especially when you’re putting the pieces together, filled with adrenaline rush. But here’s something most game developers leaves out. In the process of learning, you may experience loss of interest in playing games, sometimes the one you used to enjoy playing. Is it temporary? Ofcourse yes.

From my own experience I would say it’s because you’re becoming to understand the technicals and mechanics in putting together pieces of the game. So instead of seeing it as fun, you’re seeing as a lab sample or whatnot. As clumsy as it sounds that’s what most newbies have had to deal with.

My Mistakes…

Mistakes I’ve made since starting game developement is basically jumping into any idea or project that comes into mind without taking my time to develop the story or concept. But I’ve made up for this so far, I don’t think I’ll have to encounter more of this in the latter future.

Future Projects?

Yeah, I’m currently working on a 2.5D Action Game that is actually based upon the City of Port Harcourts which talks about police brutality and the high rate of gangs and cultism on the rise.

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